Digital Platform

QuantumLumino vision is to create an eco-friendly future where every home is a clean energy hub, catalyzing positive change in global energy landscape.

The QuantumLumino Home Energy System is a smart, integrated digital platform that optimizes energy generation, storage, and usage. IoT sensors allow real-time weather data collection for adjusting energy generation, detection of issues with solar panels, and state-of-charge monitoring for efficient energy storage and distribution. Additionally, it connects to the grid and adapts energy usage based on occupancy patterns, reducing reliance on grid energy during peak periods. It also provides real-time data analytics and AI-driven recommendations for energy optimization and cost reduction.

Our certified technicians provide reliable installation and setup services for the QuantumLumino Home Energy System. They ensure that IoT sensors are carefully integrated and configured for seamless operation. Additionally, our user-friendly mobile application allows homeowners to access real-time IoT-generated data for energy optimization. With this app, homeowners can view energy consumption, solar generation, and appliance usage in clear visualizations. The app also enables remote control of IoT-enabled devices, thermostats, and lighting for efficient energy management.

At our company, we offer top-notch customer support and IoT monitoring services to ensure that all IoT-enabled features are functioning optimally. We take care of IoT sensor maintenance by keeping a constant check on their health and functionality and addressing any issues promptly. In case of any anomalies or disruptions, our support team uses IoT data to perform remote diagnostics and troubleshoot the problems. We also understand the importance of customer education and training in this area. That’s why we educate homeowners about the benefits of IoT-enabled features and help them understand how to use IoT data to optimize energy usage. Our training sessions and educational materials cover various IoT-related topics, empowering homeowners to make informed decisions.

QuantumLumino assists homeowners in navigating available government incentives, tax credits, and rebates for adopting clean energy solutions, providing guidance and support to help customers make informed decisions and maximize financial benefits.