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Why Solar Panels Can Add Thousands to Your Home’s Value

Solar panels are a great value add to your property, and they may even entice new potential buyers. Here’s how you can take advantage of rooftop solar.

There are many benefits of solar panels that homeowners know about — they lower your energy bill, reduce your carbon footprint and can even earn you a healthy tax credit.

But did you know going solar also increases the value of your home?

Global Home energy management system market Bursting with Potential to Reach US$ 17.81 Billion by 2032

HEMS market is fuelled by centralized management advantages, cost-saving potential, and demand for tenant-appealing amenities.

The home energy management systems market is on the rise. For one thing, homeowners around the world are clamoring for ways to get a grip on their electricity bill and usage. It has been found in a recent study by Astute Analytica that whopping 70% of a home’s energy is consumed by appliances and electronics alone. However, HEMS are able to reduce consumption by 10-25%.

How AI Will Make Residential Solar Installations Cheaper and Faster

Solar is already a great choice to help you achieve energy independence. AI promises to make the installation process even better.

There’s hardly an industry that artificial intelligence hasn’t touched by this point — and residential solar is no exception.

That’s good news for solar customers: AI promises to make solar installations faster and potentially cheaper, while also improving the performance of a home energy system over time.

In the not-so-distant future, AI could help you design your solar system, analyze your property, optimize a home battery (if you have one) and even predict maintenance costs after the panels are installed.