QuantumLumino’s team is composed of professionals who share a passion for sustainability and are well-equipped to drive our mission forward.

Samra Ambreen – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ms. Samra AMBREEN is a highly qualified candidate with an educational background in physics and a School Management and Leadership certificate from Harvard Business School, she brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen to the role. With over 23 years of experience in education, including teaching and administration, Samra has demonstrated strong leadership skills in coordinating events, leading teams, and managing academic programs. Samra’s commitment to professional development and her experience in compliance and documentation further enhance her suitability for overseeing a technology-oriented company. Her strategic thinking and track record of providing strategic direction align with the company’s vision for growth and innovation in the clean energy and smart home technology sector.

Muhammad Anwaar Saeed – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mr. Muhammad Anwaar SAEED is a highly qualified candidate for with an MBA from Virtual University of Pakistan, an M.Sc. in Computer Sciences from Punjab University College of Information Technology, and professional qualifications such as JAIBP from The Institute of Bankers, Pakistan, Muhammad brings a wealth of financial expertise to the table. His experience in the banking sector, particularly his current position as Assistant Vice President at National Bank of Pakistan, has honed his financial acumen and regulatory knowledge. Additionally, his strong interpersonal and communication skills, reliability, and responsibility make him an excellent fit to oversee QuantumLumino’s financial operations.

Sarah Matloob – Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Ms. Sarah MATLOOB has over 15 years of experience as a Cambridge University-certified teacher for Business Studies and Commerce, Sarah possesses profound educational insight and strong leadership skills, having served as the Head of Department for both O & A Level Business Studies and O Level Commerce. Moreover, Sarah’s experience in providing teacher training and her excellent oratory and presentation skills make her an ideal candidate for overseeing operations and content development at QuantumLumino. Her academic qualifications include an M.A. in Education, an MBA in Marketing, and a Bachelor’s degree in Arts. Ms. Sarah MATLOOB’s blend of educational leadership, entrepreneurial success, teaching expertise, and mentorship skills make her a compelling choice for driving QuantumLumino’s mission in the field of clean energy and smart home technology.

Ali Hassan – Chief Technical Officer(CTO)

Mr. Ali HASSAN has excelled as a Maintenance Engineer (Electrical) and Team Lead, showcasing remarkable technical prowess in electrical systems, including power management, PLC logics, and protection systems. His proficiency in handling UNIC C2 software and optimizing power utilization aligns perfectly with the technical demands of the company, which revolves around integrating solar power, energy storage, and smart home technology. Furthermore, Ali’s extensive training at Wartsila Land & Sea Academy in engine design and control systems enhances his qualifications. Ali possesses exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills, making him a standout candidate for effective collaboration with diverse teams and stakeholders.

Muhammad Usman- Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Mr. Muhammad USMAN has extensive experience and leadership in the education sector, spanning over two decades, demonstrating his capability to strategize and execute commercial initiatives effectively. Muhammad’s collaborative spirit and adaptability are evident as he engaged his wife and father to build the Global School System, spanning Montessori to Class 10th, and expanded it through franchising.  Mr. Muhammad USMAN’s proven track record and leadership skills make him a strong fit for driving QuantumLumino’s commercial endeavours, especially in the integration of solar power, energy storage, and smart home technology.