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Software Developer
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering is required; 
  • The ability to work within the programming languages:  JavaScript, Python, Java, with proficiency in at least one;
  • Experience creating and interfacing with developer workflow automation;
  • Constant desires to improve, learn more, and take things higher.
  • Design, write, read, test, and correct code for digital platform;
  • Analyze information to recommend and plan the installation of new systems or modifications of an existing system;
  • Evaluate simple interrelationships between programs such as whether a contemplated change in one part of a program would cause unwanted results in a related part;
  • Support the full cycle of design, development, and testing (Agile, Waterfall — be flexible);
  • Write documentation for new and updated software.
Data Scientist
  • A bachelor’s degree in statistics, mathematics, computer science, computer systems engineering or a related discipline or completion of a college program in computer science;
  • 1+ years’ experience in Data Science;
  • 1+ years’ experience in Python;
  • 1+ years’ experience with SQL;
  • Expertise in applied Natural Language Processing is an asset.
  • Identify and solicit potential clients; Maintain and grow sales relationships with clients;
  • Implement cutting-edge techniques and tools in machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence to make data analysis more efficient;
  • Perform large-scale experimentation to identify hidden relationships between variables in large datasets;
  • Create advanced machine learning algorithms such as regression, simulation, scenario analysis, modeling, clustering, decision trees and , neural networks;
  • Implement new statistical, machine learning, or other mathematical methodologies to solve specific business problems.